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Solar control systems for todays commercial environment

LINEA 200 – All you need to know

The Linea 200 Fresco Solar Shading venetian blind is an inexpensive traditional solution for dressing windows and gives the user maximum solar glare control. The added privacy and security that the blind offers when it is closed makes it a popular choice for exposed buildings. Linea 200 Venetian blinds are colour coordinated so that cords, ladders, tapes, head rails and bottom rails are all designed to match the chosen slat colour. The available sizes for these Venetians are; 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats with the standard operation of cord for raise and lowering slats and plastic wand to tilt. The cord lock is a crash proof design and of clear durable plastic containing metal roller over which the cords ride.

Our Linea 200 25mm Privacy Blind has been designed to ensure that sun-spots on work areas and screens are eliminated and offers improved room darkening performance for use in AV and VDU areas. There is the choice of Aluminium Solid Slats, Aluminium Perforated Slats or Wooden Slats form the Linea 200 Venetian Blind range. This is the inexpensive traditional solution.

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